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  1. Welcome to the new Qapla.com Forum
  2. First Sale Today!
  3. E-mail from this forum update...
  4. Web-host and server issues...
  5. Qapla.com has moved to URLJet Web Hosting!
  6. Avatars now enabled...
  7. Lost E-mails
  8. In the Hospital
  9. More sad news...
  10. Qapla.com Facebook App Launched!
  11. Please do not send me multiple PMs about the same issue...
  12. Bug introduced in VB 4.1.11 is causing 50 queries to be added to every page...
  13. Mod System at Qapla.com updated- old data lost.
  15. vBulletin.org Mod of the Month Mods
  16. vBulletin 4.2.0 compatbility
  17. Qapla.com Upgraded to VB 4.2.0 Beta 1
  18. Announcing JUOT Image Hosting...
  19. An important message about Qapla.com Premium Mods and VB5!
  20. vBulletin 5.0 Preview
  21. More Share Options - The Next Generation Released
  22. If I should die...
  23. Busy with VB5
  24. Hurricane Sandy
  25. Taking a break...
  26. Hi there
  27. Site updated to VB 4.2.1
  28. ForumRunner and Tapatalk capabilities added to Qapla' Forums
  29. Urgent - Delete your entire /install/ directory after installation or upgrade of VB
  30. Going to the Hospital...
  31. Christos Teriakis pulls all his mods from vBulletin.org
  32. vBulletin 5 Critical Security Patch Released - All VB5 Users should update now!
  33. Mod of the Month Vote
  34. Important Notice to any VB users using PayPal - Manual File Update Needed ASAP!
  35. Another Hospital Stay...
  36. Exploit Found in Yahoo YUI Uploader affecting #vBulletin 4.x and 5.x forums!
  37. New Style here on Qapla.com
  38. Security Update for ALL Versions of vBulletin 3.5.0 - 5.x.x - IMPORTANT #vBulletin
  39. Time to clean up this dump!
  40. My fellow Americans... It's time to end Daylight Saving Time #NoDST #OUTATIME
  41. Warning if you use VB 4.2.3 Beta 4 on a live site
  42. Name Changes- Qapla.com is becoming BirdOPrey5.com