View Full Version : Installation Service by BirdOPrey5

08-29-2011, 04:07 PM
All premium modification sold on Qapla.com are available with an Installation Service for an additional charge.

After purchasing a mod please return to the orders page and purchase an "Installation" subscription. After purchasing you must PM or Email me with the following details:

Your Forum URL
Administrator Username
Administrator Password
FTP Username*
FTP Password*
How you want the mod setup

*FTP Details only necessary if file uploads are required.

Do not send me YOUR Administrator details. Make a new administrator account for me that you can delete as soon as I am finished.

The installation charge will include the install to 1 forum.

Important: You must make the initial contact, I will not try to "track you down" after purchasing.

If you would like me to install another mod, whether available here or elsewhere Contact Me or make a Private Request. Pricing will be based on the complexity of the install.