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Thread: Linked Image Alt Text Demo

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    Blue Arrow Linked Image Alt Text Demo

    This image should have alt and title text.

    Mouse over it to see...


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    Is this a mod for 3.8 too?

    Is this a bbcode?

    I wonder if for the alt tag, using the thread title would improve SEO? (Assuming most members won't add the alt tag on their own...maybe have it default to the thread title of thread tags.)
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    I see it auto tags the image based on the file name. The problem I have is most users never rename their photos I have a lot of images named things like "DCS123456" images in the posts on my forum.

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    Adding the thread title is a good idea.

    However VB 3.8 doesn't have the hooks necessary to make this mod work. (Actually only VB 4.1.10 and up have the hook.)

    Let me see if simply manually adding the hook to the source code works, might be able to get it working in 3.8- and since there won't be any more upgrades for 3.8 coming a manual file edit isn't as big a deal.

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    In my testing I see adding the hook manually to 3.8 is easy enough, the problem however is that any tampering with the default <img> tag completely ruins the VB 3.8 image resizers' abilities to re-size images. So if the choice is to either have resized images or image SEO I go with the resized images every time.

    However the addition of this hook opens up the possibility of making my own image resizer so I will add a 3.x mod that does both to my future "to do" list- and since it would be something I use on my own 3.8 site it will probably be sooner than later.

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    Awesome! My img bbcode file is already modded so that is not a big deal. I sort of hacked a hack for to resize images on my site. I am using a script called pretty photo that allows photos to be viewed in a light box type way. Link to a page with img tags, in case you care : more awesome reef pics with an iphone 4s - Captive Reefs - Saltwater Coral Reef Tank Aquariums

    I was able to accomplish the thread title on my attached images this morning with a simple template edit.
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    Check out: Add Alt Text to Images GOLD by BOP5.

    Let me know if you can get it working with your image resizer, if not disable this mod and let me know I think I can find the code needed to work on your site.

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