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Thread: This is a global thread demo.

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    Lightbulb This is a global thread demo.

    This is a demo of Global Threads: The Next Generation, a brand new, coded-from-scratch mod that allows you to specify any thread in any forum as a "Global Thread" that immediately becomes visible in all forums.

    Global Threads: The Next Generation Gold Version allows you to specify specific forums, as opposed to appearing in all forums.

    For I have specified not to have global threads visible in any of the mod forums- but you can see it does work in forums like Announcements, Help, Requests, Articles, Testing, and of course the forum this thread is native to, Demos.

    You can choose to allow Admins, Super-Mods, or in the Gold version any specific user(s) you want.


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    Is there a way this could work so that all the threads, in specified forums, could become visible in another, different, specified forum?

    I came across your vB 3.8 mods on today and they look great...and useful.

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    Check out my "Master Forums / All Topic" mod on for a mod that does exactly that.

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    Nice mod.
    Isn't there a link to it from within this site?

    Nevermind, I found it.

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