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Thread: Word Links Gold for VB4 by BOP5

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    Cool Word Links Gold for VB4 by BOP5


    Latest Version: 2.2

    New in 2.2 - Options for separate csv file for CMS/Articles and Blogs, as well as the default "Forum" data file.

    Word Links Gold works in these locations:

    • Posts
    • Social Groups
    • Visitor Messages
    • Private Messages
    • Picture Comments
    • Blog Entries
    • Blog Comments
    • CMS Articles
    • CMS Comments
    • CMS Previews

    The purpose of this mod is to automatically link selected keywords or phrases to internal or external pages chosen by the administrator. These links can be used to help SEO or create affiliate links to increase forum revenue or both.

    This is a very mature mod, it has almost all the options you can think of: Input word/link lists via the settings or a data file, open links in new windows or the same window, use nofollow or not, create custom CSS to decorate the links, match only whole words or partial words, case sensitivity on or off, control linking in all forums or individual forums, enable or disable in any of the unique locations listed above, disable for specific usergroups, show a notice when a post or message contains word-links or not, instructions for creating an optional profile field to let individual users disable the mod themselves, and finally an option to disable the mod in specific styles if need be.

    The "post notices" optionally shown when a message has words auto-linked in them are phrased for easy translation.

    Screen shots

    Screenshot - Click to Enlarge
    Screenshot - Click to Enlarge Screenshot - Click to Enlarge
    Screenshot - Click to Enlarge Screenshot - Click to Enlarge
    Screenshot - Click to Enlarge Screenshot - Click to Enlarge

    This mod has been tested on VB 4.0.8, VB 4.1.10, and VB 4.1.11 and is expected to work on all VB 4.x.x versions.

    To download this file you must purchase a "Word Links Gold" subscription in Subscriptions.

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    Version 2.2 Readme / Info File:

    Product: Word Links by BOP5
             This file covers both the FREE and GOLD versions
    Official Mod Threads: 
    VB 4.x GOLD:
    VB 4.x FREE:
    VB 3.x (no Gold available):
    Developer: BirdOPrey5 on /
    Profile URL:
    Devloper Website:
    Version 2.2
    The purpose of this product is to automatically turn words or phrases on your forum into links. Usually this is used to link to affiliate sites or for SEO purposes. This can also be used for internal linking such linking "Forum Rules" to your forum's rules, I'm assuming you have a reason to use it if you've come this far.
    The FREE Version will allow you to enable or disable the mod independtly on the following forum pages:
    -Private Messages (PMs)
    -Visitor Messages
    -(Social) Groups
    The GOLD version includes all of the above plus the following additional locations:
    -Picture Comments (in Albums)
    -Blog Entries
    -Blog Comments
    -CMS Articles
    -CMS Comments
    -CMS Previews
    In addition the GOLD version allows you to use a different set of links for the CMS/Articles section, as well as the Blogs section of your site. These are done via optional csv data files.
    Basically you enter a list of keywords (or phrases) you want to turn into links in one box, and in the next box you enter the URL for each corresponding keyword. Blank lines are ignored but the links and keywords must be in order- the first link will correspond to the first keyword and so on. You can also read keywords and URLs from a data file if you prefer.
    If a keyword or phrase contains a sub-string of another keyword, the longer keyword must be listed first. For example you'd enter the following keywords in this order:
    Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Grand Cherokee
    The first option after "Enable Word Linking" is the filename of a data file. This data file must be csv format. See the file "How to use a Data File" for more details. If you do not want to use a data file than make sure this box is completely blank.
    Two additional optional data file fields exist. If you wish to specify a separate data files for the CMS/Articles and/or one for the Blogs you do so here. Priority is given to these datafiles if they exist. If they do not exist the mod will look for the default csv data file. If no data files exist the links will be taken from the settings below.
    You can choose if the links will base case sensitive. If Yes only words that exactly match the case you specify will be linked. Most people will keep this set to No. 
    You can choose whether you want to link whole words only or not. If you link to whole words only assuming "Jeep" is a keyword it will only turn "jeep" into a link (capitalization is ignored). It will NOT turn "jeeps" into a link. 
    You can choose the maximum number of links generated per keyword per post or maximum number of links per page. (SHOWTHREAD / Social Group Page / Visitor Message Page. CMS Comments and Blog Comments won't cont the main article or blog entry.)
    You can choose if rel="nofollow" is included in the links created by this mod. If you don't know what this means just leave it turned off (by default.)
    You can choose to open the links created in a new window or tab of your browser or not. If not it will open in the same window so users will leave your forum by clicking on the link.
    You can also choose to disable the links for any usergroups you choose. Check the box next to usergroups you wish to disable the mod for.
    You can choose what forums to be active in. You can choose to activate in Social Groups, Visitor Messages, and PMs too. In the GOLD version you can also choose to activate it in Picture Comments, CMS Articles, CMS Comments, Blog Entries, and Blog Comments.
    You can choose to display a custom notice in any post/comment/message that has had words automatically turned into links. 
    These notices are stored as GLOBAL phrases and will need to be translated for non-English languages.
    The Phrases Are:
    bop5_ wordlinks_ note	      - This post contains {1} auto-link(s) for your convenience.
    bop5_ wordlinks_ note_ art  - This article contains {1} auto-link(s) for your convenience.
    bop5_ wordlinks_ note_ blog - This blog contains {1} auto-link(s) for your convenience.
    bop5_ wordlinks_ note_ com  - This comment contains {1} auto-link(s) for your convenience. 
    bop5_ wordlinks_ note_ mess - This message contains {1} auto-link(s) for your convenience.
    bop5_ wordlinks_ note_ pre  - This preview contains {1} auto-link(s) for your convenience.
    HTML code is allowed in phrases. {1} will be replaced with the number of keywords linked in a post. Its use in the phrase is optional.
    You can enable links to be inside a span in order to use custom CSS to decorate the links. See the CSS section at the end of this file for more info. If not using custom CSS leave this off (No) to reduce the amount of HTML generated. 
    You can create a custom "User Profile Field" and activate it to allow users to turn off automatic word linking. If you choose to do this you must create a custom profile field with these EXACT options- capitalization counts.
    View the included image user_profile_field_setup.jpg for an overview of what this should look like when you're done.
    In Admin CP go to User Profile Field -> Add New User Profile Field.
    Profile Field Type: Single-Selection Radio Buttons.
    Title: Automatic Word Linking (you can call it what you want)
    Description: If turned on some keywords will automatically be turned into links. (you can edit this too)
    Profile Field Category: Leave as is
    Items Per Line: 0
    Options: (Must be entered EXACTLY as below - see screen shot)
    Set Default: Yes
    Display Order: Up to you
    Field Editable by User: Yes
    Private Field: No
    Field Searchable on Members List: No
    Show on Members List: No
    Leave everything else as is except the last option, Which page displays this option? I suggest "Thread Display Options" but up to you.
    Save the new profile field and you will see the field number on the Profile Field Manager page. Note the field number. Note this may not be the same as the display order. You want the number after the word "field" - such as "field5" - then enter 5 into the mod setting to activate this feature. 
    You can enter custom Regex code if you find this mod interfering with links, flash embeds, images, or other content on your site. By default this mod should be fine for the vast majority of forums but special cases do arise. Please do not edit this entry unless you absolutely know what you are doing or I have personally told you what changes to make.
    As of 2.0 the default code for this box is: </b></a>|</font></a>|</b></font></a>|</font></b></a>|
    Finally you can disable this mod in specific styles. If for whatever reason you don't want the mod enabled at all in one or more styles enter their styleids in the final setting box. Separate multiple styleids with commas. You can find the styleid by changing to a style and looking at the URL in your browser. Somewhere in the URL (usually the end) will be &styleid=X, where X is the styleid for that style.
    You should always BACKUP your Database before installing a new mod. I have tested this but can't be responsible if something goes wrong. This is provided AS IS, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will provide support as I am able. 
    You can get support for this mod at the mod thread on or at
    *****Install / Upgrade Instructions******
    To Install: 
    Upload the file functions_bop_wordlinks.php to your /includes/ directory.
    In Admin CP go to Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product
    Click on "Choose File" and browse to the product xml file that was packaged in the .zip file.
    Click "Import"
    To Upgrade:
    Upload the file functions_bop_wordlinks.php to your /includes/ directory. (Overwrite if necessary)
    In Admin CP go to Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product
    Click on "Choose File" and browse to the product xml file that was packaged in the .zip file.
    Change "Allow Overwrite" to YES
    Click "Import"
    You must go to Product Options to setup and enable the product.
    If upgrading from 1.x to 2.x you must go to the Product Options and check/re-save them as some options have been changed.
    **** Customize Links with CSS ****
    As of version 0.94 the below is now optional based on the "Enable CSS?" setting in the mod.
    As of version 0.92 all links created are within a <span> tag of class "boplink." This allows you to customize the look of the links created by this mod ussing CSS.
    In your "Additional CSS" you can add the following CSS code and customize it to your liking for each of your styles. This is OPTIONAL. If you do not add this CSS links will retain the same style as existing links in your posts.
    Sample CSS:
    .boplink A:link {background: yellow; text-decoration: none}
    .boplink A:visited {background: yellow; text-decoration: none}
    .boplink A:active {background: yellow; text-decoration: none}
    .boplink A:hover {background: yellow; font-weight:bold; color: red;}
    This CSS will highlight the links in yellow and turn the text to red and bold when mouse-overed.
    In VB 3.x Additional CSS is accessible via Style Manger -> All Style Options, scroll down to Additional CSS Definitions. Use the lower box to customize the CSS uniquely for each style. 
    In VB 4.x edit the CSS template additional.css and add the code there.  
    There are three versions of this mod, one for vBulletin 3.x and two for vBulletin 4.x. You will only be able to install the correct version for your forum.
    The VB4 versions (FREE and GOLD) have been tested on VB 4.0.8, VB 4.1.10, and VB 4.1.11 and should work on all 4.x.x versions.
    The GOLD version is only available at
    The GOLD verdion is not to be redistributed at any other site.
    The FREE version is available on
    Last edited by BirdOPrey5; 06-30-2013 at 11:38 AM. Reason: updated to v 2.2

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    How to Create a Data File:

    Word Links by BOP5 - How to create a data file.
    For advanced features Word Links can pull data from a data file you upload to your forums directory.
    The Data File must be a CSV (Comma Separate Value) File. These can be created in a standard text editor or preferably with a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.
    You should save your data as a basic CSV file with commas separating fields and no field enclosures if given the option.
    The data file should be uploaded to your forum root directory. This is the directory that contains showthread.php and other files.
    A sample data file is included with the mod, you can edit it or create your own.
    The file is copied below for convenience:
    ---Begin CSV File---
    Best Buy,,_self,
    ---End CSV File---
    Note: Blank lines are allowed in the file and will be ignored.
    The only REQUIRED data in the CSV file is a Keyword (or phrase) followed by a URL corresponding to that keyword.
    Commas are not allowed in keywords or URLs.
    Basic Format:
    Note: Spaces on either side of the comma are allowed and will be ignored.
    A basic csv file will contain one or more keywords followed by their associated URLs.
    You can also create an ADVANCED Data File which includes specifying the "target" of each link and the "rel" attribute of each link.
    Advanced Format:
    The usual options for "target" are either:
    "_self" tells the browser to open the link in the same window. This is useful for internal links.
    "_blank" tells the browser to open the link in a new window or tab so the user doesn't leave your page. This is the expected behavior for external links.
    In addition to _self or _target you can enter any value here you might need for a custom application.
    If no value is set for target the mod will use the default option in the mod settings.
    The usual option for "rel" is:
    However there are additional "rel" possibilities as discussed here:
    "nofollow" was created by Google to tell search engines to ignore the link. It was widely abused as a way to increase SEO and over the years "nofollow" lost most of its value. Recently Google announced that using "nofollow" will no longer help retain SEO at all and therefore it really isn't that important anymore, but the option is included for those set in their ways and noobs who don't know any better. ;)
    If no value is set for rel the mod will use the default option in the mod settings.
    Note: If you are setting a "rel" value but are NOT setting a "target" value you MUST still include the extra comma signifying the "target" is blank such as in the eBay example above. Microsoft Excel will create the blank fields automatically when saving your file.
    You do not NEED to include an extra comma at the end of the line if you are not specifying a "rel" value, but you can if you want or if your editor creates one automatically.

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    Updated to version 2.1
    -Added option to enable foe CMS Article Previews

    Be sure you remember to upload/overwrite the .php file, even for this upgrade.

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    Word Links Gold for VB4 has been tested and is working as expected on the VB 4.2.0 Alpha version.

    It does not currently work in the Activity Stream. I'm not sure it will be useful on the activity stream as it may get too cluttered and they are short previews anyway. As the 4.2.0 version gets closer to a stable release I will re-evaluate making an option for use in the Activity Stream. If you feel strongly one way or the other please let me know.

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    Updated to Version 2.2

    Added options to allow you to have a separate csv data file for the CMS/Articles sections as well as a separate csv data file for the Blogs. Forums , Groups, Visitor Message, and the like will continue to use the default csv file.

    The use of one or more csv files remains optional.

    Priority is given to the csv file in the section you are browsing. For example if you're in a Blog and the blog csv file exists, it will use that. If no Blog csv file was specified it will use the default (original) csv file. If neither exists it will pull links from the mod settings which are below the csv files on the settings page.

    Also, confirmed working with VB 4.2.0/VB 4.2.1.

    I have left Version 2.1 available for download, it is identical except does not have the additional csv file options, for people who prefer less settings and won't need the extra options.

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