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Thread: Kindle Daily Deal Grabber Thread

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    Post Kindle Daily Deal Grabber Thread

    This is a demo thread for my upcoming "Kindle Daily Deal" grabber mod. Amazon refuses to provide an RSS feed for the Kindle Daily Deals and the 3rd party feeds available leave a lot to be desired. The best one announces today in fact they were no longer going to bother with daily updates.

    This mod will grab the data straight from Amazon's deal page and product page and bring that info right to you and your users.

    Automatically add your Amazon affiliate code to all links in the post.

    Lots of options to customize the look of the threads or posts it can make.

    I am still testing this mod to make sure it holds up to the differences between daily deals but when it's ready I expect to release this as a free mod here on

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    Post Kindle Daily Deal: In Her Sights - 21st March 2012

    Kindle Daily Deal for 21st March 2012

    Title: In Her Sights By Robin Perini

    About: One bullet from SWAT sniper Jasmine Parker's gun saved the life of the governor's daughter. When her old flame turned reporter breaks the story, the coverage unexpectedly unearths a forgotten, vicious enemy determined to destroy her. Full of explosive action, this steamy thriller is infused with poignancy and page-turning suspense.

    Regular Price: $5.99
    Discount: -$5.00
    Deal Price: $0.99 (Today Only)

    Rated: 4.3 of 5 Stars

    Buy It Now or Browse

    "Riflewoman Perini refreshes romantic suspense with an unusual protagonist: Jasmine “Jazz” Parker, lead sniper for the Jefferson County, Colo., sheriff’s SWAT team. Jazz lives by her mother’s dying advice never to let anyone into her own heart, so this Amazonian beauty holds back from the easy camaraderie of her team, just as two years earlier she halted a steamy romance with former army ranger and journalist Luke Montgomery. Jazz’s tightly held secrets make her the target of jealous rivals in the sheriff’s office, and a psychotic stalker from her excruciating childhood also makes an appearance. As she struggles to overcome these difficulties, she also battles her raging lust for super-sexy Luke. Perini convincingly ratchets up the pace of Jazz’s tribulations with high-tech armament and high-heat passion before the independent, no-nonsense heroine predictably signs on to be Luke’s partner, friend, lover, and wife." -- Publishers Weekly

    Language: English
    # of Pages: 267
    File Size: 605 KB
    Published by Montlake Romance, on November 29, 2011.

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    Post Kindle Daily Deal: Fully Loaded - 22nd March 2012

    Kindle Daily Deal for 22nd March 2012

    Title: Fully Loaded By Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn

    About: Thriller writer Blake Crouch is known for delivering page-turning suspense and gut-wrenching literary punches, and each of the 10 works included here is no exception. This 60,000-word collection includes Crouch's introduction to each story and an interview with the author.

    Regular Price: $3.99
    Discount: -$3.00
    Deal Price: $0.99 (Today Only)

    Rated: 4.5 of 5 Stars

    Buy It Now or Browse

    BLAKE CROUCH is the author of DESERT PLACES, LOCKED DOORS, and ABANDON, which was an IndieBound Notable Selection last summer, all published by St. Martin’s Press. His newest thriller, SNOWBOUND, also from St. Martin’s, was released in 2010. His short fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Thriller 2, and other anthologies, including the new SHIVERS VI anthology from Cemetery Dance. In 2009, he co-wrote “Serial” with J.A. Konrath, which has been downloaded over 300,000 times and topped the Kindle bestseller list for 4 weeks. That story and DESERT PLACES have also been optioned for film. Blake lives in Durango, Colorado. His website is

    Language: English
    # of Pages: 232
    File Size: 474 KB
    Published by N/A, on N/A.

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    Post Kindle Daily Deal: Dystopian Fiction for Young Adults - 23rd March 2012

    Kindle Daily Deal for 23rd March 2012

    Title: Dystopian Fiction for Young Adults By N/A

    About: If you're a fan of the The Hunger Games, check out our specially priced selection of dystopian novels for $1.99 each. From the disease-ravaged American landscape in The Eleventh Plague--a Suzanne Collins favorite--to the other-worldly seaside of The Scorpio Races, all of today's books are masterfully imagined.

    Regular Price: $.
    Discount: -$.
    Deal Price: $1.99 (Today Only)

    Rated: N/A of 5 Stars

    Buy It Now or Browse


    Language: N/A
    # of Pages: N/A
    File Size: N/A
    Published by N/A, on N/A.

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    Post Kindle Daily Deal: The Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning - 24th March 2012

    Kindle Daily Deal for 24th March 2012

    Title: The Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning By Hallgrimur Helgason

    About: The first 66 kills were flawless, but no. 67 for Toxic was the wrong guy. The mistake forces the Croatian mafia hit-man to flee New York for Reykjavik and hide as an American televangelist. With no gun shops or killing to keep him busy, Toxic reevaluates his bloody life.

    Regular Price: $4.99
    Discount: -$4.00
    Deal Price: $0.99 (Today Only)

    Rated: 3.5 of 5 Stars

    Buy It Now or Browse

    "A sensational book. Hallgrimur Helgason's brain is like this amazing app that morphs the English language into gorgeously blunt new forms. It delivers surprise after surprise and makes you feel good about books again. I can't recommend it enough." --Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X

    "If you read this I predict [Helgason]’ll be in your mind to stay.” -- DBC Pierre, Man Booker Prize-winning author of Vernon God Little

    “[Helgason is] uproarious, sharp, and outrageously funny.”-- Kirkus Reviews

    “[Helgason’s writing is] intelligent, unexpected and beguiling.” –-The Guardian

    Language: English
    # of Pages: 257
    File Size: 484 KB
    Published by AmazonCrossing, on January 24, 2012.

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    Post Kindle Daily Deal: 77 cookbooks for all tastes - 25th March 2012

    Kindle Daily Deal for 25th March 2012

    Multi-Book Deal!

    77 cookbooks for all tastes

    About: Shake up the new season with some fresh ideas for the kitchen. Whether you're an omnivore or a vegan, today's wide-ranging variety of 77 cookbooks is sure to satisfy all culinary needs and desires.

    Deal Price: $0.99 (Today Only)

    View Deals Now or Browse

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    Post Kindle Daily Deal: Rena's Promise - 26th March 2012

    Kindle Daily Deal for 26th March 2012

    Title: Rena's Promise By Rena Kornreich Gelissen, Heather Dune Macadam

    About: When the first transport of women arrived at Auschwitz on March 26, 1942, Rena Kornreich Gelissen was among them, and her sister, Danka, soon followed. Rena stayed for more than three years, until World War II's end, and her harrowing true story is a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit.

    Regular Price: $9.99
    Discount: -$8.00
    Deal Price: $1.99 (Today Only)

    Rated: 4.8 of 5 Stars

    Buy It Now or Browse

    Gelissen, who was on the first Jewish transport to Auschwitz, describes in this account the constant struggle for survival in the camp. She soon learns there were no guarantees. Rena's motivation came strongly from a promise to her parents to keep her younger sister, Danka, safe. Her account describes the relentless specter of death while at the same time showing how prisoners would risk their lives to smuggle medicine, clothes, and food to other prisoners. Because Rena was an early prisoner in Auschwitz, she describes some of the confusion at the beginning and the realization of what was really happening to the Jewish people. Helpful features of the book include historical notes and a section describing the fate of the people the sisters knew. This memoir captures the horror of Auschwitz in a clear way that helps the reader understand the atrocities perpetrated there. Recommended for Holocaust collections.
    Mary Salony, West Virginia Northern Community Coll. Lib., Wheeling
    Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.

    Language: English
    # of Pages: 288
    File Size: 844 KB
    Published by Beacon Press; Kindle Edition edition, on January 30, 2011.

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    Post Kindle Daily Deal: A Dangerous Talent - 27th March 2012

    Kindle Daily Deal for 27th March 2012

    Title: A Dangerous Talent By Aaron Elkins, Charlotte Elkins

    About: Seattle art consultant Alix London's stalled career hides a shameful secret: her father's an art forger. Catching a break, Alix is hired to authenticate a painting from an American master, but the job becomes a tangle of deadly deceit. Can her roguish father help uncover the truth behind the painting?

    Regular Price: $4.99
    Discount: -$4.00
    Deal Price: $0.99 (Today Only)

    Rated: 4.4 of 5 Stars

    Buy It Now or Browse

    "Whenever a new book from the Elkins arrives, I let the cats go hungry and put my own work on hold till I've finished it."-Elizabeth Peters author of Crocodile on the Sandbank, and The Curse of the Pharaohs

    Language: English
    # of Pages: 270
    File Size: 475 KB
    Published by Thomas & Mercer, on March 6, 2012.

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    Post Kindle Daily Deal: Chaos Walking Trilogy - 28th March 2012

    Kindle Daily Deal for 28th March 2012

    Multi-Book Deal!

    Chaos Walking Trilogy

    About: Teenager Todd Hewitt's world is defined by the Noise germ, a plague that supposedly killed all women and gave the surviving men an ability to hear other's thoughts. The Chaos Walking trilogy chronicles Todd's coming-of-age journey through this post-apocalyptic landscape that's further shattered after he meets an eerily silent creature: a girl.

    Deal Price: $0.99 (Today Only)

    View Deals Now or Browse

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    Post Kindle Daily Deal: 11 engaging young - 29th March 2012

    Kindle Daily Deal for 29th March 2012

    Multi-Book Deal!

    11 engaging young

    About: Whether it's confronting alienation and racism in the mid-1960s while attending a Catholic boarding school in Alaska or fighting mind control in an Orwellian-world secretly run by corporations, all of today's 11 young-adult novels explore the complicated and adventurous struggles boys and girls face as they come of age.

    Deal Price: $0.99 (Today Only)

    View Deals Now or Browse

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