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Thread: (now Hark) Audio Clip BBCode

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    Bird (now Hark) Audio Clip BBCode

    [ent] (now owned by is a website with a vast collection of audio clips from your favorite movies- such as "Luke, I am your father..." from Star Wars or the Joker asking "Why so serious?" from the latest Batman film. All your favorite lines are probably there. There are many non-movie audio clips as well such as 911 calls and political sound bites.

    The Hark URL is something like:

    Just put the code before the dash into the BB Code. Example:

    [ent]jclfkhbddn[/ent] will produce the player above.

    Download the XML file to auto-install this BBCode. To manually install follow these directions:

    Add a new BBCode

    Title: Entertonement Audio
    BB Code Tag Name: ent
    <div style="display: block; margin: 10px auto; text-align: center;"><embed src="" id="1_21e19a4a_b1ee_11df_9de4_0019b9e56dac" name="1_21e19a4a_b1ee_11df_9de4_0019b9e56dac" flashvars="auto_play=false&clip_pid={param}&e=&id=1_21e19a4a_b1ee_11df_9de4_0019b9e56dac&skin_pid=wfxswdnlkf" width="300" height="30" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" allowscriptaccess="always" wmode="transparent"></embed></div>
    Use Option: No
    Button Image: (optional) attached.
    Remove Tag If Empty: Yes
    All Disable Options: Yes

    If you get a message after submitting the new code that says:
    The following BB Code replacement may not be properly formed. All HTML attributes should be enclosed within double quotes.
    You may safely hit "Continue" - this is a bug in vBulletin.

    When you find the audio clip you want click on "embed" and look for the "Link" URL such as:

    The only part of URL you need is the code after "/clips/" in this case: xybpjkbfks

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