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Thread: Multi Vote Poll Test

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    Multi Vote Poll Test

    Must vote in poll to post or see posts demo.

    Multi-vote poll.

    Mod Available: Here.

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    Multiple vote is standard vb right?

    Looks like unvote works with it pretty well. One other question with unvote, I have my polls set to bump the thread to the top when someone votes. I assume if they unvote, that it will sink the thread again...assuming their vote was the latest vote?

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    No, actually unvoting won't sink the thread again- the previous vote's time/date isn't save anywhere so there is no way to know what the old time would have been. The vote gets undone but the thread time doesn't change.

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    So it will show under "Get New" when a vote occurs (putting it in get new) and then is unvoted?

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    The act of unvoting doesn't alter the dateline of the post at all.

    Honestly I never used the setting where voting bumped threads but if someone voted, and immediately unvoted, then yes the thread would probably still show as new to people who hadn't viewed it.

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