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Thread: IFRAMEr Gold by BOP5 (Add unlimited IFRAMEs as forum pages)

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    Clock IFRAMEr Gold by BOP5 (Add unlimited IFRAMEs as forum pages)


    Version 1.3.1

    This mod allows you to easily link to "IFRAME" content. The mod will take any URL you specify and wrap it in an <IFRAME> tag to make it look like part of your forum, It can also automatically add these pages to your "Quick Links" drop-down menu or you can use another mod such as Navbar Buttons Builder (Which is Free) to make even more custom links on your own.

    This Gold version allows for an unlimited number of IFRAME pages.

    The Gold version also allows for the Admin to specify custom URL settings such as the file name and "page" attribute in the IFRAMEr URLs.

    Please be sure the site you place in an IFRAME allows you to "frame" their page. Some sites like IMDB have specific clauses in their "Terms of Service" that forbid them from being framed. In most cases you are on the honor system on this. Some sites include javascript code that will detect if they are framed and prevent loading or "break out" of the frame automatically so be sure you test it first.

    That said there are plenty of sites that allow for being put in an IFRAME or at least don't forbid it.

    Check out a few sites I have setup here:

    Pixlr Photo Editor at
    North East Radar Loop at
    321-Cheese - Take a webcam pic of you right now.

    VB 3.8 Demo:
    Pixlr Photo Editor at

    Check out "Quick Links" in the navbar to see additional links. All IFRAMEr links are near the bottom.

    You can also restrict IFRAMEs by usergroup. Usergroups without permission won't see the link and they will get a no-permission error if they try to view the link manually.

    You can entire direct values for things like "Title," "Navbits Title," and "Extra Info" OR You can create and specify custom phrases so they can be translated on multi-language boards.

    The product is compatible with all VB 3.8 and 4.x releases to date.


    Screenshot - Click to Enlarge Screenshot - Click to Enlarge

    Screenshot - Click to Enlarge Screenshot - Click to Enlarge

    Screenshot - Click to Enlarge Screenshot - Click to Enlarge

    To download this file you must purchase a "IFRAMEr Gold" subscription in Subscriptions.
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    IFRAMEr Readme File v 1.3.1

    Mod Title: IFRAMEr by BOP5 (Free AND Gold)
    Author: BirdOPrey5 (BOP5)
    Mod URL(s)
    Product ID: bop5iframer
    For more Premium, Free, and EXQLUSIVE (TM) vB Mods visit: Forums by BOP5 Featuring:
    Mods and Support by BirdOPrey5 and Styles by DRE
    DONATIONS ALWAYS APPRECIATED: or donate directly on
    Current Version: 1.3
    Version History:
    1.0 - Initial Release
    1.1 - Added Absolute URL Options
    1.2 - Added custom file name and custom page attribute names for advanced users (Gold Version only)
    1.3 - Added code to show links under "Quick Links" in VB 4.2.0+ (Gold Version Only)
    1.3.1 - Added code to prevent display error if HTML code entered in place of URL 
    Live Demos-
    VB4 Demos-  - Photo Editor - Radar Map
    VB3 Demos- - (Take your own photo) - Photo Editor
    ========== PURPOSE / ABOUT ==========
    The IFRAME tag is a powerful tag that lets you embed any webpage in any other webpage. It is used all over in places you'd never expect like "Like Buttons" and even in vBulletin's Human Verify templates. 
    This mod is designed to provide the admin with one large IFRAME on a vBulletin powered page that the admin can easily assign and setup via the Admin CP.
    This will allow admins to provide a familiar and local interface for external content.
    PLEASE BE AWARE NOT ALL WEBSITES "ALLOW" YOU TO FRAME THEM. Please read the site's "Terms of Service" before you place their content into an IFRAME on your page. Some sites specifically forbid this, though it is mostly through the "honor system." Very few use JavaScript code that can detect them being framed and "break out" of them automatically. Still, please do your due diligence before framing anyone else's content. There a number of sites you are allowed to frame such as the photo editor in the demo links (a popular choice), usually any scientific/government sites like weather maps, forecasts, or NASA sites. Wikimedia/Wikipedia allow for framing as well. 
    This mod also allows you to choose if you want to link to each or any of the IFRAME pages via the "Quick Links" drop-down forum menu. However, this mod is intended to create the FRAME pages- linking to them in a better way is up to you. May I suggest a (Free) ExQlusive mod - Navbar Buttons by BOP5: - For easy inclusion of IFRAME links in the navbar or drop-down lists.
    You must give each IFRAMEr page a title, a navbits title, and an optional extended description. Each of these options may be entered directly into the IFRAMEr manager OR can instead be created as phrases to allow translation to multiple languages for multi-language sites. In the latter case you specify the "use phrases" and enter the phrase name in the settings box instead. A convenient link is included to the Phrase Manager pre-loaded to show your custom IFRAMEr phrases (if any.)
    Finally the mod also allows you to choose which usergroups can see each IFRAME link and page. By default all usergroups can see each IFRAME page, but you can restrict it to specific groups or member's only (preventing guest access.)
    =========== GOLD vs. FREE ============
    The GOLD version and FREE version are mostly the same except the GOLD version allows for unlimited admin specified frames whereas the FREE version allows for a max of 3 admin specified frames.
    As of version 1.2 the GOLD version also allows for custom file name (of iframerX.php)  and URL attributes. (Explained below.)
    =========== COMPATIBILITY ===========
    Tested and working with VB 3.8.7, VB 4.1.10, and vB 4.1.12. It is expected to work on all VB 3.8.x and 4.x.x versions.
    ========= BACKUP / WARNING ==========
    This mod DOES alter your database. It is always good practice to keep regular backups and you should backup before installing ANY new mod.
    As always mods are USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will try to help if I can but no guarantee is offered or implied.
    ========= INSTALL or UPGRADE ========
    To Install: 
    Upload all files and folders in the UPLOAD directory to your forums root directory.
    In Admin CP go to Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product
    Click on "Choose File" and browse to the product xml file that was packaged in the .zip file.
    Click "Import"
    To Upgrade:
    Upload all files and folders in the UPLOAD directory to your forums root directory. (Overwrite if prompted.)
    In Admin CP go to Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product
    Click on "Choose File" and browse to the product xml file that was packaged in the .zip file.
    Change "Allow Overwrite" to YES
    Click "Import"
    You MUST set your settings to enable the mod.
    Each setting has an explanation of its use and example settings if applicable.
    Access the settings and control panel from a new option in the Admin CP menu. Admin CP -> IFRAMEr CP allows quick access to IFRAMEr Settings, IFRAMEr Manager, and the Phrase Manager showing IFRAMEr Phrases. 
    You must enable the mod from IFRAMEr settings before you can use it.
    In IFRAMEr Manager you are prompted to enter a new IFRAME (or view a summary of existing IFRAMEs at the bottom if any exist.)
    Is Active (Enabled)? (Yes or No) - Only active IFRAMEs will be accessible by users and show in quick-links (if enabled.) Change this setting if you want to hide, but not delete, and IFRAME.
    Page Name - This is going to be used as part of the URL to this page so make sure it is descriptive but does not contain special characters or punctuation. A max size of 255 is allowed but in practice names should be kept as short as possible. This is not used ANYWHERE except in the URL itself. It must be a UNIQUE value- trying to add a second frame with the same Page Name will result in a database error.
    URL of IFRAME - This is where the magic happens. Find the URL you want your IFRAME to point to and paste it in here.
    Height of IFRAME / Width of IFRAME - These are the dimensions of the IFRAME that will be created. If specifying pixels use a number only like "500" or "750" (no quotes.) If specifying a percentage uses the percent sign such as "100%" or "90%" (also without quotes.)
    Show Scrollbars in IFRAME - Instructs the browser whether or not to show horizontal or vertical scrollbars in the IFRAME window. Valid options are yes, no, and auto with auto being the default and recommended setting for most pages.
    Class name for <div> - If you want or need to use custom css to better customize the look of your IFRAME pages enter a custom name here. The <div> surrounding the IFRAME will take the class name you specify. The IFRAME itself will be of the class name you specify with "-if" appended to the end. So if you specify a class name "myclass" the containing <div> will be of class myclass and the IFRAME itself will be of class myclass-if.
    You can then use the additional.css template in VB4 or Additional CSS in All Style Options in VB3 to add custom CSS such as:
    .myclass {
      border-size: 5px;
      border-color: red
    .myclass-if {
      padding: 10px;
    Allowed Usergroups - This is the list of usergroups allowed to view the IFRAME page and the link in Quick-Links if that is enabled in settings. You can specify a comma separated list of usergroupids or you can use "ALL" to show to all usergroups or "MEMBERS" to show to member's only.
    Use Phrases? (Yes or No) - By default, "No" will allow you to directly enter the values of the next 3 options (Page Title, Navbits Tittle, and Additional HTML.) Most users will prefer this simplicity. However admins who run multi-language forums may opt for the "Yes" option. If "Use Phrases" is set to yes then the Admin must CREATE a new phrase for each of the below options. (A link to Phrase Manager is available from the Admin CP -> IFRAMEr CP menu) - Each phrase should be given a unique name and the phrase names should be entered into the final 3 settings. For example if the page is titled "MY Page" instead of entering "My Page" into the Page Title box I may enter "phrase_page_my_page" (no quotes) and that would correspond to a phrase I already created of the same name via the Phrase Manager. 
    For your convenience there will be a new phrase group called "IFRAMEr" that you should use when creating these custom phrases/  
    Page Title - The page title for the IFRAME. Will be displayed on the page itself and used for the <title> tag of the page. (REQUIRED)
    Navbits Title - A "sub-title" that will be used in the navbits/breadcrumb for the page. (REQUIRED)
    Additional HTML - This optional information will appear as text below the IFRAME on the page. Useful for additional information or description of what the IFRAME above does. A great location to give a link to the page you are framing if you want to let users know where the frame is coming from. HTML tags are allowed here. BBCode will NOT work.
    Current (Existing) IFRAMES - If there are existing IFRAMEs already saved they will be listed on the bottom of the page. You will see a summary including their title (Will be stiked-out if they are not active), the unique  Page name (NOT Page Title), the URL the frame links to (limited to x number of characters), a unique ID, and Go / Edit / Delete Options.
     - Go - Will open a link to the IFRAME forum page
     - Edit - Will allow you to edit any of the IFRAME settings for that IFRAME
     - Delete - Will delete the IFRAME from the database (Warning- there is no confirmation for this.)
    IDs - After you create a new IFRAME in the mod it will automatically be assigned an ID. While the ID will come up in the editor you should NOT edit this value. The ID must be UNIQUE. If you attempt to edit it to a value that already exists you will get a database error. 
    I suggest only advanced users change these values.
    In IFRAMEr settings there are two options I will explain further here:
    File Name of IFRAMER php file - This will be the filename of the file that displays the iframe page. By default the file used in VB 4.x installations is iframer4.php. For VB 3.x iframer3.php is used. 
    By default both these files get uploaded even though you only use one of them. If it bothers you, you can delete the file that doesn't match your version.
    If you would prefer to rename the file you will use, say change iframer4.php to coolframe.php you can do this. FIrst manually change the file name in your forum-root directory. Then go to the Admin CP -> IFRAMEr CP -> IFRAMEr Settings and set the file name in the "File Name of IFRAMER php file" setting. In this example you would enter "coolframe.php" (without the quotes.)
    Next you can also change the "page" attribute that is part of the URL. The normal URL for an iframer page looks like:
    Custom Page Value for URL - This option lets you change the value of "page" to any value you want. If for example you change it to "frame" the URL would instead become
    You do not NEED to edit either of the above values. There is no benefit other than your personal preference on the look of the URL. 
    This mod is available on Some mods may also be available on No other sites may redistribute this mod. If you find this mod at any site besides the above please contact me at 
    If this is a Gold/Premium Mod you must purchase a license to run this software from Each license comes with 1 year of free updates. After 1 year you may continue to run the latest version you have downloaded previously.
    Original code is Copyright (C) 2012 by BirdOPrey5 /

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    Updated to Version 1.1

    Added option to use "Absolute" URLs for Links in Quick Links. These are only necessary if your blogs or CMS (or 3rd party CMS) is in a different directory than your main forums. Using Absolute URLs will prevent file-not-found errors when clicking on the links from outside the forum directory.

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    Updated to Version 1.2

    Added new Gold Only Features - Instructions in Readme Info file-

    Specify a custom filename for the "iframerX.php" file- now you can change it to anything you want.

    Specify a custom value for the "page" attribute in the IFRAMEr URL if you want. Instead of ?page=xxxx make it ?anything=xxxx.

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    In testing this with VB 4.2.0 Alpha I find the mod does indeed work. However they have removed the template hook that allowed for links to be displayed in "Quick Links" because they feel the new Navigation Manager is a better way of making links.

    So if you upgrade to 4.2.0 you will need to make your own links to the new pages via the Navigation Manager now included in VB 4.2.0.

    As VB 4.2.0 becomes more stable I will re-evaluate the Gold version of this mod to see how it can integrate better with 4.2.0+.

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    I am happy to say I have found a way to restore the easy "Quick Links" addition on VB 4.2.0+ as you can see if you go to "Quick Links" here on

    When 4.2.0 final is released I will release an update to IFRAMEr Gold which will allow auto-links to be created on vBulletin versions both above and below 4.2.0.

    However you may want to consider using the built in Navigation Manager to create IFRAMEr links now in 4.2.0.

    To get the URL to an IFRAME go to the IFRAMEr CP in Admin CP -> IFRAMEr Manager -> Scroll down to existing IFRAMES and click on "Go" next to the IFRAME you want.

    The IFRAME will open in a new tab/window. Copy the URL and you can use it in Navigation Manager to create your custom link.

    If you want to use an "absolute" URL use the entire link. If you want to use a relative URL use only the part with the "iframer.php" filename and beyond. (Leave off the http://www....)

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    Updated to version 1.3- Quick Links are now working again with VB 4.2.0 (and hopefully beyond.)

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    Minor update to 1.3.1- A fix was added in case you accidentally add HTML into the URL field- previously the HTML entered would likely corrupt the IFRAMEr Manger page display in admin cp.

    The only file actually changed is the bop5_iframer.php file in the /admincp/ directory. No need to re-install if you don't want to.

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