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Thread: As I can make my breadcrumb like that of here?

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    As I can make my breadcrumb like that of here?

    Not if it is the right place for this question, but unattested and I really like the style similar to XenForo and would like another one for my site. (Play4Trophies - Portada)

    Thank you very much for your work BOP5

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    The breadcrumbs here are a based off of the "Alternative Breadcrumbs" Template Edit released by private_ale on

    This is the link:

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    Thank you very much and I have done

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    For anyone else asking this in the future I went ahead and turned the template edits into a quick mod that will do all the edits for you. It is available HERE.

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    Thanks ..

    Bird, I have some questions for you, I have been searching a lot but the only response I received was to propose the project and wait for someone to make payment, but I think there is some kind of hack to accomplish this.

    look at this thread please and hope I'm not being disrespectful: Automatic auction system with credits - Forum

    thank you very much, and I apologize for my bad English, because I am Spanish and I have to communicate through a translator. Thanks again.

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    I'm afraid an "Auctions System" is too big of a project for me.

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    I think that's not a system itself, not if I explain, but it is a function of some hack ...
    if you look simply is how to activate in a single forum .. not ..

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    I'm sorry I don't understand.

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    I say that I do not think that's a big change, I think it may be a feature of the system of credits you use.

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    I don't use any credits system.

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