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Thread: Duplicate IP Report by BOP5 (Checks for users sharing the same IP Addresses) VB3/VB4

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      Duplicate IP Report by BOP5 (Checks for users sharing the same IP Addresses) VB3/VB4

      Version: 2.1.2, by (Administrator) BirdOPrey5 is offline
      Developer Last Online: Mar 2019 Show Printable Version Email this Page
      Category: VB3 & VB4
      vB Version: 3.x & 4.x Rating:  (1 votes - 5.00 average) Installs: 8
      Released: 05-06-2012 Last Update: 12-17-2012 Downloads: 141
      Supported Additional Files

      New Version 2.1.2 - Fixed bug with MySQLi, Introduced GOLD Version.
      Version 2.1 - Now with custom bbcode support for banned users and post counts.
      Version 2.0 - Now with Post + User (Registration) Reports

      This mod will run a nightly scan of your "post" and/or "user" table. It will report if it finds any users sharing the same IP address. You choose in the options how many days back you want to look. (Max of 5000 days but practical use should be several days to a couple week on posts and a month or two on registrations.)

      If any "duplicate use" is found the IP addresses, usernames and optionally the posts themselves will be reported.

      See a real report: Here. (Scroll down for latest version.)

      The report takes the form of a new thread posted to the forum of the Admin's choosing (A private forum for mods or admins is strongly recommended.)

      There are options for whitelisting (ignoring) specific IP Addresses and/or userids so if you or your mods post as other users you can prevent that from being reported. If you use the Zoints Anonymous Posting mod you will want to put that userid on the whitelist else the report will out whoever posted "Anonymously."

      GOLD Version has the following additional features:

      • Run reports (Post & Registration Check) directly from Admin CP
      • Option to post nightly report as a new post to an existing thread (as opposed to a new thread each night.)

      NOTE: There are PERFECTLY valid reasons 2 or more users may share the same IP address. This report in and of itself is not proof of malicious activity. Users that connect by mobile devices, work in same offices, or go to the same schools for example would likely share the same IP address on some posts. So would too any users connecting from the same home or public Wi-Fi network.

      This *only* scans the "post" table- so it only works if a user makes a post. If a user logs in without posting that will not be reported.

      Tested and working on VB 3.8.7 and VB 4.1.12 and should work on all 3.7 / 3.8 / 4.x versions.

      Screenshot - Click to Enlarge

      Donations Always Appreciated.

      Download Now


      dupecheck_settings.jpg   dupecheck_vb3.jpg   dupecheck_vb4.jpg  

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    Updated to Version 2.0- Added support for Registration IP Checks too!

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    Updated to version 2.1

    Added an option to use a custom bbcode to "decorate" banned users (such as strike out) for easy identification in the reports.

    Also added option to show a post count next to each username.

    Added actual MySQL Queries to debug info when manually running report.

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    Thank you, Very clean as always..

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    Request/Suggestion: Would prefer to have the option of an email report rather than posting to a thread, if only to minimize forum database bloat.

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    Email reports is something I will look into, thanks for the suggestion.

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    Thank !!!

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    it is working at 4.2.2 alpha /....?

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    it works on all 4.2.x versions including 4.2.2 and 4.2.3.

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