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Thread: Word Links Test

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    Lightbulb Word Links Test

    This is a demo thread for my Word Links mod. It automatically turns select words into links. This can be useful for creating affiliate links to increase your forum revenue- it can also be used to link internally to help SEO.

    For an example I just typed Amazon and the mod has automatically made it into a link. Some more words I have auto-linked are eBay, Microsoft, Apple and Best Buy. As you can see it will link both words and phrases.

    This mod has many options, you can change just about anything, it is one of my most developed mods ever for sure. You can limit the number of words per post or per page. You can enable or disable it in specific forums. You can enable or disable the little notice appended to the post stating words have been auto-linked.

    The free version works in Posts, PMs, Visitor Messages, and Social Group messages.

    The GOLD version includes support for Blogs, Blog Comments, CMS Articles, CMS Comments, and Picture Comments .


    Feel free to try making your own posts in this thread with any of the linked words above to see how it works.

    The word links can be entered in to the mod settings or into a datafile for even more control over options and for large numbers of links.

    This mod adds ZERO queries- it's all php in the postbit_display_hook (or other relevant hook.)

    There is no actual limit to the number of words you can link but a practical limit does exist where load times become unacceptable. I never intended this mod to be used for hundreds or thousands of links so please test the free version on your server before buying the GOLD to see if your server can handle big lists if that is your intent.

    It's not just for posts. You can also see this in action in CMS Articles (and comments), Blog Entries (and comments), Social Groups, Visitor Messages and Pictures. I have disabled it in PMs on this forum but that is also an available option.


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    thank you

    i will try it in may alra7ba
    شكرا لك ساجربها في منتديات الرحبة

    keep it up bro you are good man

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    This is extremely useful for affiliate links. If you have an Amazon account you can apply for the Affiliate's program and put your publisher's ID at the end of all Amazon-related links. That way whenever someone clicks on the link and buys a product, you will get paid through amazon a small percentage of the service because that person's computer stores your amazon publisher id in it's cookies.

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    Another Amazon test. How about eBay?

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    Сколько на Amazon людей?

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    Testing. Jeep and BMW are not part of the link file for forums.

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