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Thread: Twitter Like Thread Tagging Demo

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    Lightbulb Twitter Like Thread Tagging Demo

    This mod allows you to use hash tags (number signs) to tag words in threads and automatically add them as tags to the thread itself. The theory is giving users a fast and easy way to tag threads will make them more likely to use it.


    I like #Jeeps and #Arizona. I have two #beagles and a #Sony laptop. Yes this has been really #random but that last tag won't show because I have a #limit of 5 for this post.

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    Thank you #joe

    *work only in first post?
    ** no ... I see now
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    Thank you joe

    i will try it in my forum #alra7ba

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    شكرا لك عمل رائع
    تمت اضافة الهالك الى الرحبة#

    not working for #Arabic lang. ??
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    لايعمل مع اللغة #العربية

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    On this forum/server it only works for English characters, sorry.

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    Don't be afraid to raise the limit of how many tags you'll allow people. If you don't, you'll have to post more than one time just to get all the tags you want in the thread.

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    Thanx BirdOPrey5

    Try add more tag #Card #1234/NHNo-KHTH

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    Not work with splash / 1234/NHNo-KHTH

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    #Another/Test - how about #now/now?

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